President's message

Chirag Bangdel


Welcome to the second edition of South Asian Poetry Festival For Peace.
After the huge success of the first edition of the festival in 2013, here we are with the second! The primary objective of the festival is to celebrate the joy and power of poetry and this time our focus has been poets writing in their ethnic and indigenous languages and styles. Each country in South Asia has a rich blend of tradition and culture. This includes dialects and different forms of literary endeavours. The numerous forms of poetry form an integral part of culture. A lot of the local dialects of regions are disappearing and along with them, the different forms and styles of poetry. With this edition of the festival, we want to celebrate the different indigenous languages and the indigenous and folk forms of poetry.
So please come and celebrate with us the joy of poetry. Let us share the richness of our culture. Let us prove that we are united in our beautiful diversity.