Nina Rai

Nina Rai is a much loved poet from Darjeeling, India. Her collection of poems “Nirmukta Chintana” was published in 2006. She is also the author of a collection of short stories called “Antadusti ka Rangharu”. Her work “Indra Sundas ko Jeewani” was published by Shahitya Academy.

Nina Rai was awarded gold medal and “Ganesh Durga Award” by Trimurti, Kathmandu in 2010. She was felicitated in 2010 by Sikkim Shahitya Academy, India. And in 2014, she received “The Bhanubhakta Gold Medal” from the Government of Nepal.

Nina Rai is involved with several prestigious literary organizations including Nepali Shahitya Sammelan, Darjeeling, India.