Krishnaraj Sarvahari

Krishnaraj Sarvahari is a well known Tharu poet and writer. He was born in Chaulahi 6, Dangdeukhuri. He has written many books for children that have been included by the Government in the school curriculum. His work “Futal Karam” is considered to be the first published novel in Tharu language. His other works include “Doshar Ghar Jaibare”, “ Gantabya”, “Samayka Uchabasharu” (first book of haiku published in Tharu language), “Mama Bhanja” and many more.

Sarvahari has also co-authored a book that talks about Tharu culture and which is aptly called “Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and Practice”.

Saravahari is also celebrated for his translation of the very famous Nepali novel “Basai” by Leel Bahadur Chettri into Tharu language.

Sarvahari has edited many literary works and has been the editor for several magazines. He has received many awards including “Tharu Shahitya Samman”, “Sajha Lok Shahitya Samman” (awarded by Sajha Publications) and “ Khetriya Prativa Purashkar” ( awarded by The Ministry of Culture, Government of Nepal).

Krishnaraj Sarvahari is also associated with several literary organizations.