Sachendra Manandhar

The Last Supper
I was hungry as a hound
Starving like a stray bird
In the high seas.
I was overwhelmed with joy
When I was served
With champagne and caviar,
Ambrosia and nectar.
Struck with sweet surprise
My idle hands turned to stone.
I spoke to the black-hearted man
Next to me in white words,
Asked him to lend me his hands,
To drink the champagne
And eat the caviar.

Didn't know until I died
Those were his poison hands.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle twinkle little star
Now I wonder what you are!
Up above in the world so high
Those diamonds light up the sky.
These countless gems in the galaxies
Cut and chiselled
By the Unseen Hand
Into the best of shapes and designs
Are the designers of our destiny
Makers of our fate and fortune.
Some burn like fiery opal
Some amber and some amethyst
Some glitter like turquoise and quartz
Some sapphire and aquamarine.
The tapestry that Unseen Hand
Has made with these gems
-red, blue and green
Into the black velvet of the night sky
Has amazed millions
Through centuries.
Those signs of zodiac
They have made with their constellations
Have affected millions and millions
Through time immemorial and unrecorded
All those You's and I's
And all those Caesars and Alexanders
Galileos, Leonardos and Michaelangelos
Gandhis and Buddhas!
These twinkling stars
Shining with their lights eons old
Can make us or mar
From that far.
These enigmatic things
Made by that Unseen Hand
Perhaps has answers to all our miseries
And all our misfortunes
In all our lives
And holds the answers
And key to all the mysteries
Of this vast unknown called the Universe.