Abhay Kumar

I can hear your rippled silence
dark clouds hovering over you
longing for a kiss
stony paramours guarding you jeal-ously
their icy peaks waiting for an embrace
but you ever somber, like a yogini
speak only through your ripples
boats of desire float on your curvaceous
carrying boisterous monkey gods
thirsty for a dip into your immensity
hungry for a piece of your soul
but all I hear is your rippled silence,
stony silhouettes staring at you from
dawn to dusk
lanky shadows longing for you all day
but all I hear is your rippled silence
Massive tail of the fish floating in the
or the rocky fossils of the God's jet
that crashed into the sea
a river full of crocs
a canoe filled with dreams

eerie silence in the jungle
an elephant riding a human
trees strolling

statue of a frail man
at the central square
in the city of rhino