Mohammad Nurul Huda

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 Mohammad Nurul Huda is a leading poet of Bangladesh. He is also known as a translator, essayist, novelist, folklorist, IPR-Specialist, columnist and professor of literature. Born at Pookkhali, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh on September 30, 1949, he studied English language and literature at Dhaka University. Later he conducted a research on an esoteric relation between the liberation struggle and the contemporary poetry of Bangladesh at ICC, East-West Center under the University of Hawaii during the period 1985-86. He retired from his service of Bangla Academy as its senior-most director in 2006. Earlier he served as executive director (head of the organization) of Nazrul Institute, Dhaka (1995-2000).
The  number of  Huda's published titles (book-length) exceeds 100, of which 50 are poetry books (including his selected poems, love poems, nationhood poems etc), 11 essays and literary criticisms, 3 novels, 10 biographies, 5 translations and the rest are compiled and edited ones. Some English titles are Selected Poems (poems), Flaming Flowers : Poets’ Response to the Emergence of Bangladesh (research), Nazrul’s Aesthetics and Other Aspects (essays), Poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam in English Translation (translated and edited with an introduction and notes), In Blissful Hell (translation), Wedding and Wild Kite (drama, translation), Methodology : Valuation of Identified TECs of Bangladesh. (research, Dhaka), Identification, Valuation and Intellectual Property Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions of Bangladesh (research, WPO, Geneva, 2010).
Huda is a recipient of Bangla Academy Literary Award, the most coveted one in Bangladesh, for his overall contribution to Bangla literature. Honors he received also include Alaol Literary Award (for poetry), Jessore Literary Award (for poetry), Abul Hasan Poetry Award, Cox'sBazar Medal (for total conrtibution), Humayun Qadir Memorial Prize (for fiction), Ahsan Habib Poetry Prize, Nazrul Foundation (Calcutta) Award (for contribution to Nazrul study and research), Cox's Bazar Literary Academy Award (for total contribution), Poet Sukanta Award (for poetry), Cox’s Bazar Medal (2004), Mahadiganta Poetry Award (Calcutta), 2007 and Tripura State Award (Ekush-Unisher Bhasa Gourab, 2012) etc. In 1995 he was declared the Poet of International Merit by ISP (International Society for Poets), Maryland, USA. He was decorated with state honour by President Suleman.Demirel during his visit to Bangladesh marking the silver jubilee celebration of the independence of Bangladesh on 25 March 1997 for his outstanding translation of the poetry of medieval Turkish poet Yunus Emre.
His poems are translated and published in other languages including English, French, German, Russian, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. For literary and academic purpose, he has travelled many countries of the world. At present  Huda is President of Bangladesh Writers Club. He teaches English literature in some private universities in the capacity of a full professor. He also works as ‘Editor Arts’ of, the first online newspaper of Bangladesh. At the same time he leads a countrywide poetry movement called KabitaBangla (PoetryBengal), along with holding poetry fairs at district level, apart from staging Darianagar International Poetry Fair at Cox’s Bazar on annual/biennial basis.  Mohammad Nurul Huda resides in Dhaka.