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Greta Rana (born 1943), MBE (awarded Order of the British Empire in 2005 [1]) is an author and poet born in Yorkshire, U.K. She has been living in Nepal for over 40 years.

In 1991 Greta Rana was joint winner of the Arnsberger Internationale Kurzprosa,for ‘The Hill’ which was based on the Godavari Marble Quarry.  In that year she delivered a paper at the International PEN Congress in Vienna on 'Mondialism: The Future Looking at the Past,' which outlines the unchangeability of human nature across cultures and continents based on three recurring themes from the Iliad and the Mahabharat;viz., 'War is futile' but war is inevitable, and it is the duty of the warrior to fight. Against such human destructiveness, the future lies not in the call to conform as in the call to "When in Rome do as the Romans do," but in a human capacity to tolerate and celebrate difference and the whole kaleidoscope of human cultures and creativity. From 1994-1996 she was Chair of the International PEN Women Writers’ Committee and represented them at the Fourth UN World Congress on Women in Beijing in 1995.


Literary  work
Greta has published well over 500 articles and been a contributor to several research publications development issues ,architecture, geology and current affairs in addition to the following publications.

1975                             :       Mara. Kathmandu: Shrestha Byabasaya (Poetry collection)
1977                             :       Nothing Greener (Novel). Kathmandu: Shrestha Prakashan Griha
1977                             :       Distant Hills (Novel). Kathmandu: Sharada Prakashan Griha
1977                             :       Right As It Is (Novel). Kathmandu: Sharada Prakashan Griha
1987                             :       The Stone God Thunders (Poetry). Kathmandu: Systematic Advertisements
1989                             :       Middle Lode (Poetry). Kathmandu: Shobha Rana
1994                             :       Guests in This Country (Novel). New Delhi: Book Faith India
1995                             :       Beneath the Jacaranda (Poetry). Kathmandu: Spiny Babbler Publications
1997                             :       Nothing Personal (Poetry). Kathmandu: Bangalamukhi
2000                             :       Im Schatten des heiligen baumes (A Place beneath the Pipal Tree) Munich: Ehrenwirth Verlag (now in its 4th edition) . Published in 2005 in its original language as  ‘A Place beneath the Pipal Tree’
Single poetry pieces published in Poetry Nottingham (UK), Casablanca (UK), Poetry Workshop of North Carolina (USA), Acumen,(UK )and in Parting Gifts ,March St.Press ,CT.U.S.A. These can be found on Internet at
Collection of poetry in translation in Litterateur Und Kritik (1990), Vienna
2008                                       Nothing Personal (full collection), Spiny Babbler publications
2012                               Hidden Women, Roli Books, India