Abhay Kumar

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Abhay K. is an Indian poet-diplomat and the lyricist of "Earth Anthem". Winner of the SAARC Literature Award 2013 and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, he is the author of eight books including five poetry collections. His poems have been translated into Hindi, Irish, Nepali, Russian, Turkish and published worldwide in several literary journals including Indian Literature, La.Lit, Pratilipi, Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Kritya, Literary St. Petersburg, Severnaya Aurora, Sphinx, Okno, Of Nepalese Clay, Muse India etc. He has contributed to several poetry anthologies including "Dance of the Peacock": An Anthology of contemporary Indian Poetry (Hidden Brooks Press, Canada). He co-founded 'Poetry at the Monument' movement in Delhi and launched 'Poemandu' in Kathmandu to popularize poetry in South Asia. He is also an adviser to 'Kritya International Poetry Festival.'